6 Tips For Prayer Journaling

6 Tips For Prayer Journaling


Hey Sis,

I don't know about you but prayer journaling is my favorite form of prayer. I have the tendency of getting extremely distracted while praying silently, and praying aloud just makes me feeling like someone is listening in on my conversation with God. And THAT I do not like!

Journaling for me has been the BEST form of prayer for me as it allows me to be all of me and share my whole heart with God in my most vulnerable state. 

If you like to prayer journal or if you're interested in prayer journaling, here are 6 tips to help enhance your time with God!

  1. Praise & Adoration: Spend time telling God how wonderful He is, because of who He is (not because of the stuff He’s given you).
  2. Thanksgiving: Thank God for specific blessings in your life, and thank Him for the prayers He's already answered.
  3. Pour Out Your Heart: Tell God whatever is bothering you and ask Him for whatever you need help with. (This is usually the longest section of my prayer, LOL!)
  4. Ask for His Will: Submit to His plans and acknowledge that He knows best. Affirm your trust in Him.
  5. Ask for Forgiveness: Tell God anything you need to confess and receive forgiveness for. Don't try to hide it. He knows all about it.
  6. Pray for Others: Finish with prayer requests for specific people and things you want God to intervene on.

In the comments below, let me know which tip was your favorite. And if you are looking for help getting the conversation started with God, make sure you grab our Prompted To Pray Deck


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